Who we are

Friends of Felines-Cape Hatteras Island is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization.  With your support we can continue to act on behalf of the ferals cats on Hatteras Island.  Your donation will be used to protect and improve the lives of our island cats.


Free-roaming: a cat not confined to a house or other enclosure.

Feral: a cat too poorly socialized to be handled and who cannot be placed into a typical pet home; a subpopulation of free-roaming cats.

Abandoned: a free-roaming cat who may be tame but does not currently have an owner.

Stray:  a currently or recently owned cat who may be lost; usually well-socialized but may become wary over time.  A stray's kittens may be feral.

Adapted from Community Approaches to Feral Cats: Problems, Alternatives & Recommendations by Margaret Slater, p. 2.


How You Can Help

If you wish to make a donation to Friends of Felines-Cape Hatteras Island, sponsor a feral friend or an entire feral colony make your check payable to Friends of Felines-Cape Hatteras Island and mail to the address listed.

P. O. Box 310
39264 Ocean Lane,
Avon, NC  27915
phone is 252-995-4725
email is FOFHI@yahoo.com

"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats."
                                                                                  -Albert Schweitzer